BonPussy Jamaican Foods

This classic recipe is the national dish of Jamaica. Its spicy, complex and aromatic flavour is eaten regularly by Jamaican families all over the world. It is quite simply a celebration of life on a plate. And what's more with BonPussy Jerk Sauce it is very easy to make.

Jerk Chicken

Ingredients serves 2

4 chicken thighs skin on with the bone 1/4 bottle of BonPussy Jerk Sauce Rice for 2 Salad of your choice. Sprinkle of BonPussy Coconut Ting (if you have it)


Place the chicken in a bowl and add the BonPussy Jerk Sauce. Work this in to the chicken pieces rubbing the sauce well in to and under the skin. Allow this to marinate over night covered in a fridge. Place the chicken on a roasting dish and place in an oven at 120ºC. Roast for 2 hours turning the pieces every 30 mins until the the skin is well colored. Serve with rice, salad and just a pinch of BonPussy Coconut Ting. Bon appétit....


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