BonPussy Jamaican Foods

Chilli Mint Burgers

Quick easy and delicious. These simple to make burgers are a sure fire winner with the whole family.

Chilli Mint Burgers

Ingredients serves 2
1\4 kg minced beef
1\4 kg minced pork
1 finely chopped onion
1\4 bottle of BonPussy chilli mint sauce
Burger buns
Salad greens


Mix together the mince beef and pork with the onion and chilli mint sauce. Mix all well through with you hands and shape into burger patties. Cook on a low to medium heat in a fry pan or on a BBQ. Wait until the patties are well cooked and release themselves from the cooking surface before turning them. to avoid breaking them. Ensure the burgers are cooked through before serving on a bun with salad and fries.


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