BonPussy Jamaican Foods

Sticky Belly

The scotch bonnet chillis in BonPussy Chilli Peach Jham fuses with the pork to make a finger licking dish. Cooked long and slow the result is tender sweet and spicy.

Sticky Belly

Ingredients serves 4 - 6

1kg Pork Belly cut into strips makes 2 generous portions

1/2 Jar of BonPussy Chilli Peach Jham

Salad of your choice

Lime wedges

Fresh crusty bread


Simply place pork belly strips into a baking tray and spoon on some BonPussy Chilli Peach Jham. Cover with foil and place into a preheated oven. Keep the temp low/moderate and cook slowly. Turn the pork bellies from time to time. Once they are they are tender and cooked through remove the foil. Increase the temperature slightly and return to the ovem, just to give the dish some colour and reduce the juices. Allow to cool before serving. This dish is delicous simply seveed with fresh crust bread, a little salad and lime wedges. Enjoy with your fingers Bon app├ętit....


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