BonPussy Jamaican Foods

Check out our great range of hand made products below. Because we grow to produce our full range is not always available.

We have a range of heats and flavours and are sure we have somthing for everyone.

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Product Range

Our products are all natural and are free from artificial colours, flavours, preservativs. We are also gluten free, meat and dairy free.

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Jerk Sauce

For a special treat try our acclaimed Jerk Sauce ideal for making the world famous Jamaican Jerk chicken. See our recipe section for more ideas....$15.00



Original Chilli Sauce

Our original Jamaican style everyday hot sauce $15.00


Chilli Sauce with Mint

This medium hot sauce is a match made in heaven. $15.00



Sentsi Sauce

A blend of West Indian Herbs and Spices lots of heat and flavour. $15.00


Caribbean Coconut Sauce

Jamaican spiced coconut sauce $15.00


BonScotch Sauce

As part of our spciality range this firey hot sauce blends scotch bonnet chillies and seasonal fruits. $19.00


Green Pepper Lime Sauce

Mild in heat but full of flavour. Ideal for use as a salad dressing or with fish, rice or chicken dishes. $15.00


Chilli Mulberry Sauce

Fresh local mulberries and our own hand selected chillies for a fruity sweet and hot flavour. Limited Edition.

Sold Out


Habanero Hot Pepper Sauce

Notoroiusly hot the Hananero chilli has a beautiful flavour of its own. xxxhot. Chefs Choice.


Jamaican Curry Paste

Made from fresh ground Jamaican herbs and spices for full flavour. Try our Jamaican chicken curry recipe. $15.00


Jerk Paste

Fresh ground ingredients make this spicy concentrate that is ideal for marinating or try our slow braised jerk beef. $15.00


Chilli Peach Jham

The best chilli jham you will ever taste. Great for sticky wings or sticky belly. Try on hot garlic bread. $15.00