BonPussy Jamaican Foods

Jerk Rack

Lamb is delicious with our aromatic jerk spices. Cooked slowly, basted in Jerk Sauce until tender.

Jerk Rack

Ingredients serves 2

1 rack of lamb to serve 2 1/4 bottle of BonPussy Jerk Sauce Egg Mayonaise or yogurt BonPussy Green Pepper Lime Sauce Salad of your choice.


Prepare your lamb rack add the BonPussy Jerk Sauce. Rub this in to the lamb. Allow this to marinate for 30 mins. Preheat your BBQ. Place the lamb on the grill section to cook. Keep the temperature moderate and turn the meat regularly. Baste with a splash more BonPussy Jerk Sauce as the rack is cooking. When cooked to your taste remove from the BBQ and allow to rest before slicing into individual portions. Mix the mayo or yogurt with BonPussy Green Pepper Lime sauce to create a refreshing dip. Serve with salad and just a splash of BonPussy Chilli Mint Sauce. Bon app├ętit....


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